Two weeks ago, I bought an online program from someone I’d never heard of about … well, I wasn’t even sure what the program was about when I bought it.

BUT my intuition told me this program would benefit me, and so I listened and purchased the program without reading a word on the sales page.

Turns out this program is EXACTLY what I need now.

Two months ago, I was staring at the clouds when I suddenly heard this clear message: “You should book a shiatsu massage.”

I had no clue why or what a shiatsu massage was exactly, but googled for a shiatsu therapist in the neighborhood and booked a massage from the person my intuition guided me to.

Turns out that was exactly what I need now.

Over the years I learned that my intuition is always right and following it is ALWAYS the best thing to do.

Sometimes her guidance makes perfect sense. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s clear why I had to do something and what it brought me. Sometimes it isn’t.

Generally, the nudges are easy to follow. Sometimes they’re not, because it feels weird, scary, or uncomfortable.  

Most of the time I follow my intuition. I still ignore it occasionally. But never for long. Experience taught me that NOT following my intuition never works well. So I try not to make that mistake again. 😉

I believe the same is true for you, too: NOT following your intuition never works well.

You know this as well.

Still, it’s easier to follow your intuition in some areas. Where it gets harder for most people is to follow it when it comes to your business and marketing. What could your intuition possibly know about THAT?!

The answer is: EVERYTHING. Your intuition knows your best move in EVERY area of your business and life. And the more you follow her guidance, the smoother your experience.

What’s your intuition telling you now?

Will you follow it?



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