Realizing dreams, no matter how big, small, realistic, or unattainable they seem, starts with ONE word.

That word is yes.

Until you say ‘yes’ to your dream, nothing happens.

You’re wishing, wanting, and waiting. Your flow is on hold.

Until you say ‘yes’ the door to opportunities and inspiration is closed.

Until you say ‘yes’ you can’t see how to get where you want to be.

You can only see how you can achieve your dreams once say ‘yes’ to them.

(Not the whole road, mind you. You’ll get the actions you need to take step by step, day by day, in easy to implement nudges and ideas. Sometimes scary, sometimes simple, but always doable.)

‘Yes’ opens up power, inspiration and opportunities you didn’t know were available to you.

‘No’ closes you off.

‘Yes’ opens you up.

‘No’ is a powerful, important word. It shows you what you no longer want and creates space to show you what you DO want.

And all you have to do to manifest what you want, is say YES! to it.

Nothing happens until you say YES.

‘Yes’ sets cosmic wheels in motion that bring you magic, synchronicities, coincidences, opportunities, inspiration, actions and ideas you’d never have gotten if you hadn’t said ‘yes’.

What is it you dream of?

What is it hope, wait, and wish for?

What if you said ‘yes’ to it today?


Saying ‘yes’ to your dreams is saying yes to yourself, to your soul …

What dream will you say ‘yes’ to?



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