Episode 29 – Well-being is only one thought away (with Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen)

In this episode I had an amazing conversation with my friend Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen.

We talked about freedom, life, happiness and how well-being is only one or two thoughts away.

Listen to this episode and hear us talk about:

👉The key to life & living that makes everything easier and more effortless (AND makes you much more productive, too—even though that’s not important at all);

👉 What thoughts are and most of all, what they are not (hint: not all your thoughts are actually your own …);

👉 Living from the inside-out instead of living from the outside-in (living outside-in is what most people do, but this does notlead to lasting happiness and joy);

👉 How to recognize what’s true and right for you;

👉How to get in touch with your authentic desires.

As I shared on the podcast: it’s our intention that our conversation is an invitation to you: an invitation to explore what feels true for you.

An invitation to reflect on how you view life and how you choose to live.

An invitation to explore what your authentic desires are, and what it is that makes you truly happy.


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I hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the next one!

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