Fear is at an all-time high on this planet, or so it seems.

Some fear getting sick; some fear losing their freedom; some fear never getting back to normal; some fear for their business or job; some fear other people; some fear all the above and some fear something else but are still scared.

We all know what fear feels like.

And we all deal with it in different ways.

There’s ONE way however that the vast majority of people fall back on that DOES NOT WORK.

And that is:

Thinking that the solution to your fear lies outside of you.

Meaning that you think:

👉That once you have X amount of money on your bank account, you’ll feel secure forever;

👉That when others would have the same (political) views as you do, you’d feel safe in the world;

👉That when everyone obeys rule X or make decision B, you can feel calm again;

👉That if everyone would wake up and see ‘the’ truth (whatever that is and if it even exists), we’d all be free and all would be well … and you could feel safe;

👉That once you have a steady stream of clients / income, you can finally feel relaxed in your business.

But NOTHING OUTSIDE of you is the ROOT cause of your fear—so nothing OUTSIDE of you can take your fear away.

Temporarily, yes.

But here’s what really happens when something scares you:

A situation or person triggers a fear that is already present inside of you.

Take away the situation or the person and you may not feel scared about that particular situation any longer, but the fear itself is still alive inside you, waiting to be triggered by another situation or person.

Once your bank account is full you start to worry if you’ll lose it again, of it will really be enough.

Once everyone thinks the same as you do … well, that makes you completely dependent on what others do or think, which is something you have exactly ZERO control over.

The root of your fears runs deeper than money or what other people do or don’t do.

Your true, core fears are more along these lines:

❤️ Fear that the world isn’t safe.

❤️ Fear that you don’t belong and there’s no place for you.

❤️ Fear that you have no right to exist, and no one truly loves or wants you.

❤️ Fear that you can never be free.

❤️ Fear that you’re not seen or heard.

❤️ Fear of death.

❤️ Fear of life.

❤️ Fear that you have NO control over what happens, and you won’t be able to handle what life brings you.

❤️ Fear that there’s something wrong with you and you’re not enough.

Those are the root causes of ALL fears.

Your root cause may sound slightly different than these, but they’re closely related for sure!

And the ONLY way to deal with your fear in a way that truly helps you feel calm(er), is this:

To realize that the key to your freedom is NOT for others, your situation or the world to change, but for YOU to find a different way to handle your fears.

Handling it differently starts with awareness.

The awareness that fear is not caused by something outside of you but is only triggered by something inside of you.

The awareness that YOU hold the key to shift and release your fears and can do so 24/7, regardless of what goes on around you.

The awareness that there’s an ocean of calm, joy, freedom, and peace available inside of you that you can tap into 24/7, regardless of what goes on around you, regardless of what others do, and regardless of what goes on inside you!

You can find freedom and peace in EVERY situation because freedom and peace are part of you already.

You access it by relaxing your body and / or your mind.

You access it by releasing or shifting fear-inducing thoughts.

You access it by realizing that you are SO MUCH MORE than this human body, that you’re a spark of the divine, a part of the universe, a soul having a human experience. When you live in alignment with your soul, who is the TRUE and ONLY source of your inner freedom, joy, happiness, well-being, purpose, and love.

I have three things for you that help you make this shift out of fear and into inner freedom and peace.

Two are free and are coming to you soon.

The other costs less than 10 dollars (less than 5 even, depending on which format you choose.)

You can read more about these three options below.

For now,

Take a couple of deep breaths,

And remember,

Always be true to YOU, in EVERYTHING you do,



👉👉The first thing I have for you is my book ‘The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life.’

It helps you clear and release thoughts and fears, and shows you how to live in alignment with your soul(which is THE source of your joy, freedom, love, power, peace, well-being, and happiness.)

You can read all about the book and order your copy here. 

👉👉The other two options are podcasts!

👉One is a podcast that’s all about fear, befriending it, releasing it, overcoming it, you name it, we talk about it. I interview someone who knows all about fear, so that promises to be a juicy conversation. 😉

You’ll have to be patient for that one, though—the interview is scheduled in July, so you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks.

The other one is podcast episode 29: Well-being is only one thought away (with Lianne Ebbinkhuiijsen)

It will be published next week.

You can find all my podcasts here. 



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