What are you excited to create?

The keyword in this question is ‘excited’. Too often:

👉You don’t know what you want. You live on autopilot and don’t take check in on your true desires (for whatever reason or fear), OR;

👉You have a goal or dream, but it’s been a while since you checked if you still REALLY want this.

If there’s nothing in your life you’re excited about, it’s time to explore.

What would excite you?

If your business feels boring or makes you unhappy, it’s time to explore. What would excite you?

The word ‘exciting’ doesn’t mean you need to look for Grand Adventures or Big Thrills.

(Unless that’s what really excites YOU.)

This is about what makes YOU feel fully alive. What makes YOU feel that YOUR life is worth living. What makes YOU feel that YOUR business is YOUR dream come true.

What excites you can be ‘big’ or ‘small’.

Maybe you’re excited about breaking your personal record in holding your breath under water. Maybe you’re excited about doubling your income. Maybe you’re excited about creating one hour of alone-time per week.

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it genuinely excites you.

What WOULD excite you, baby?

And are you creating that?



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