You may think that once you have a steady stream of clients, you’ll never worry about your business again.

You may think that once you have a certain amount of money in your bank account, you’ll feel secure and safe.

You may think that, once you lost twenty pounds, you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin.

You may think that once you found a partner / have a child / live in your dream home / are successful (whatever that means for you), you will be happy.


You won’t.

Something OUTSIDE of you can NEVER make you feel happy, safe, secure, or fulfilled. Sure, yes, you can TEMPORARILY feel good. Of course!

But … if you don’t believe that the world is a safe place for you, no amount of money, guards, or a gate around your house will make you feel safe.

A partner can never give make you feel more loved than you’re able to receive.

And if deep down you feel that you’re not good enough, losing those 20 pounds won’t heal that wound. You may feel more comfortable about your weight now, but you’ll find new things to fix or worry about. As long as you can’t love yourself for who you are, NOTHING you change on the outside will make you feel TRULY good about yourself

Happiness is an inside job. 

A new car, a new home, a new partner, a steady stream of clients—it can temporarily make you happy. But it won’t be long before you ache for something else or find something new to miss or worry about.

Whatever you seek can only be found in ONE place: INSIDE of you.

Until you really grasp that, you’ll never feel completely happy or fulfilled. You’ll always feel that something is missing.

What’s already in your life that you can be happy with NOW?



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