I emailed someone a question last week. I was hoping she’d say ‘yes’ but wasn’t sure she’d answer at all.

I thought I’d let go of my attachments around this email, but this morning I learned that I hadn’t. 🙂

When I opened my inbox and saw she hadn’t responded yet, my mind instantly went to thoughts like:

🌀 I knew it wouldn’t work out.

🌀 Why did I ask this in the first place?

🌀 Nothing ever goes the way I want it.

This happened in a split-second!

The thoughts came and went, which is HUGE progress compared to how this played out years ago. Back then, these thoughts would have taken over my day and my mood.

Now, I see it for what it is:

Remnants of old stories that haven’t been completely healed and released from my system yet. Stories that say that I’m not good enough, that I’m not worthy, that I always fall short and that I never get what I want.

Recognizing this gives me the chance to let go and heal. Because the situation itself— like all situations!—is neutral:

I sent an email and haven’t received an answer.

ANYTHING else I say, think or feel about it is a story, a meaning I attach to it. The meaning I give it makes me feel bad and lowers my vibration.

Healing and shifting your beliefs begins with knowing that your thoughts cause you to feel the way you do, and recognizing which thoughts make you feel bad in this moment.

Once you realize that you’re the one who gives meaning to situations, you understand that YOU hold the key to your power and happiness. Changing your stories and perspective is one way to heal yourself and find your inner joy.

⭐️ What stories do you tell that bring you down and make you feel bad?

⭐️ What new perspective will make you feel better?




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