I used to trust, no, KNOW, that everything would always magically fall into place for me,

without me knowing how,

without me worrying about it,

without me thinking about it AT ALL,

and even without necessarily having to DO ANYTHING for it.

I was carefree, stress-free, worry-free, and didn’t think about tomorrow let alone 5 minutes from now.

But then the world (parents, teachers, movies, everyone) told me that I could not be and think this way.

They told me it was unsafe to blindly trust that everything would always magically fall into place for me. (“What if it doesn’t?” “You’re not prepared for the real world!” This is not how the world works; you’ll find out one day!”}

They told me it was irresponsible.




And anti-social. (“Who do you think needs to pick up the slack from you irresponsibly floating through life?! Other people! Other people need to pick up the mess you will make!”)

I heard these messages from SO many people, from SO many sources, SO often, that I slowly drifted away from my happy-go-lucky approach to life and started to worry.

I tried to think ahead and plan things. I started to believe it was indeed irresponsible and dumb to ‘just trust’ that all would always be well somehow. 

Until I realized the ONLY result of taking on other people’s fears and views and way of living and being was this:

I was just as miserable as them now.

Adopting their beliefs did NOT make me happy. I was much happier when I was still my ‘naïve’ self!

Adopting their way of living did NOT bring me joy. It only made me stressed and worried and wonder if this stupid mess was all that life was all about? There HAD to be more to life than this?!

Adopting their beliefs was a burden.

How I felt was NOT how I wanted to feel.

How I lived did NOT feel meaningful and fulfilling.

I swore I’d find out what would bring meaning and joy to my life and commit to that wholeheartedly.

Turned out that ALL I had to do to feel as light, happy and alive as I ached to feel was this:

To ditch all the beliefs, habits, patterns, and rules that didn’t feel right for ME.

And to go back to who I always was:

Someone who believes, trusts, KNOWS, that everything always magically falls into place for me,

without me knowing how,

without me worrying about it,

without me thinking about it AT ALL,

and even without necessarily having to do ANYTHING for it.

And to act in full alignment with this belief, which means to BE in each moment, to savor each moment, and to do what each moment is meant for.

The same is true for you.

All YOU have to do to find the life and happiness you crave is to go back to who you always were.

To do things, to do LIFE, the way you did it before others told you how it should be done.

To be who you were before others told you who and how you should be.

👉Do you remember what that looked like?

👉Do you remember who you always were?

If not, reflect on that this weekend.

⭐️ Who are you, really?

⭐️ What do YOU believe about life and how to live, if you put aside all the beliefs and behaviors you picked up from others?

Go back to that, baby.


It’s the surefire way, the ONLY way, to live the life that makes life worth living for YOU.


All you have to do is be true to YOU, in EVERYTHING you do.




P.S.: Not sure how to shift or release your beliefs or perspective on life?

Not sure how to clear and calm your mind so you can reconnect with your true self?

Not sure how to access the flow of life within you, always present, always calm, always joyful?

My upcoming book ‘The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life’ shows you how!

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