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Many, MANY years ago I followed a certain business coach who inspired me.

She seemed to have the kind of business and results that I aspired to have, so I studied her newsletters religiously, hoping to learn how she did that.

One day she sent a newsletter that promised to uncover her secret to success. I couldn’t wait to read it!!

Turns out, her ‘secret’ was to get up before oh-HELL-no-o’clock and work through a whole program that made me sick just from reading it.

She went for a run, did yoga, meditated, answered emails, churned out a blog, AND DID SO MUCH MORE (I can’t remember what because I blacked out from her level of adrenaline-driven hyper-activity) … before she got her kids out of bed, made them a healthy breakfast and drove them to school.

She DEFINITELY did more before breakfast than I did all day.

(Or several days, really.) She not only believed that the secret to her success was to get up at an ungodly hour each day, but she ALSO believed everyone had to do the exact same thing if they wanted the same level of success.

She didn’t literally say that you were a lazy loser if you didn’t join her you-need-to-get-up-early-or-else-cult, but it was heavily implied.

(Or I was heavily triggered. Can’t rule out that option.)

Anyhow, this message cured me of fangirling over her and I unsubscribed.

Her message left me with doubts, though. I’d heard other Successful People say that the secret to their success was to get up super early and get tons of shit done while lazy people (like me) were still asleep. They swore you wouldn’t get far in life if you weren’t willing to get up at 5 am.

I was NOT willing to get up that early. That’s not my natural rhythm.

But I doubted myself and how I did things.

Was I perhaps too lazy to achieve my dreams? Did I need to DO more, be busier? I mean … I definitely have my productive moments where I get a ton of shit done, but overall, I’m not a super active person. I like doing nothing. I like taking my time. I like to take things slow. I like to sit on my ass and read. I HATE being busy and will avoid that at all cost.

Hm … maybe I needed to change that?

I pushed myself to do more than my intuition advised me to do, but I successfully ignored that voice for a while.

Until I realized that the ONLY way to achieve your dreams in a way you enjoy and love, is to be 100% TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR NATURAL WAY OF BEING AND DOING.

Yes, you can force yourself to do things in a way that doesn’t come natural to you and yes, you can suppress parts of you that you think have no place in business.

But that’s NOT a long-term strategy. It does NOT make you happy. It drains you and slowly sucks your soul and joy for life out of you, every minute of every day.

It absolutely CAN get you the results you want! I mean, look around you. The whole world is built on pushing and forcing to make shit happen and work-work-work whether or not you feel like it!

But the ONLY way to achieve your dreams in ways you love—the ONLY way to deeply love your business and your life—is to BE TRUE TO YOURSELF IN EVERYTHING YOU DO.

Including in every aspect of your business.

If you thrive on getting up at 5 am, be my guest.

But when you’re like me, and this is NOT the way you’d like to start your day?


In fact, don’t do ANYTHING that isn’t a natural fit for who you TRULY are.

I learned that the more I am true to myself, the happier I am.

The more I honor my natural way of being and doing, the more freedom I experience—and the more my business and I thrive.

You don’t have to change who you are to grow your business and accomplish your dreams.

You only have to be true to who you already are, become even MORE of who you already are, and do what you naturally feel inspired and love to do.

🌟 If you TRULY believed that all you have to do is be true to YOU, what would you stop doing?

🌟 What would you start doing?

🌟 What difference would that make for you?

To being true to YOU, baby!



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