Last week I shared what my business and lifestyle look like with some people who hadn’t heard it before.

They were stunned at how I live and do business and didn’t even realize this was possible.

In case you don’t know about what it looks like:

I make a maximum of 4 appointments per week, 3 weeks per month—every fourth week is my hermit week, my completely appointment free week.

I have no schedule and don’t pay any attention to work-life balance. That’s simply not a thing in my life: I follow my flow in each moment and do what each moment calls for, completely on intuition.

This is how I live, do business, make money, do marketing, grow my business, etc. etc. It’s how I do EVERYTHING.

This way of living doesn’t speak to everyone, but that’s not the point. The point is this:

No matter how YOU would most ideally love to live, is possible for YOU, too!  


Most people don’t take their REAL dreams seriously, because often what you TRULY want sounds so far-fetched or impossible that you don’t consider the possibility of it ever becoming real.

When I ask my clients what they want and dream of, they very rarely share their true dream at first.

They share a version of that dream that seems more likely to achieve.

They don’t aim for their TRUE dream but for what they think they can get.

There’s a difference between the two. A big difference.

The people who work with me are DONE going for a watered-down version of their dream.

That’s why they come to me: to uncover what they REALLY want AND make it real.

One of the things I teach them that will help you realize your own dreams that seem impossible is this:

Realizing big, scary, or seemingly impossible dreams is NOT about making a one-time decision followed by a complete overhaul of EVERY aspect of your business and life.

That idea sounds so overwhelming that you don’t even try to make your dream real.

But that’s not how it works.

Realizing big, scary, and seemingly impossible dreams is a process.

It’s a series of daily decisions and actions that, over time, results in a business, life, and lifestyle you’re in love with.

You don’t even have to know your entire dream or see the path to realize it, because creating a business & life you’re in love with always comes down to this:

To making choices and taking actions that bring you most joy and that deeply feel like the right thing to do (even when it scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable), EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I didn’t realize the life and business I have today in one day, not even in one year!

It was an ongoing series of actions and decisions that started a long, long time ago with hiring a career coach to help me figure out what meaningful and fulfilling work looked like for me.

Hiring that coach; starting my business; writing my first book; deciding to work globally; deciding to stop being a crappy hermit and become a happy hermit; figuring out what my ideal schedule looks like and implementing that step by step …

Those are some of the major decisions I made over the years that, coupled with a daily focus on what felt like the best actions to take and decisions to make, brought me to where I am today.

This doesn’t mean your journey towards a life you love takes you years; on the contrary!!

The moment you start making daily choices based on what you TRULY want, from what to have for dinner to speaking your mind to declining an invitation to a party to deciding how you’d love to your marketing, YOUR LIFE IMPROVES GINORMOUSLY.

Your business model, schedule, and everything else you desire automatically falls into place as a result of these daily micro-choices and actions.

⭐️ What feels right for you today?

⭐️ What would bring you joy today?

⭐️ What do you deep down know matters most today?

⭐️ What, if any, decision do you need to make?

⭐️ What, if any, action do you need to take? Not based on fear and what your head thinks you should do, but based on what your gut tells you?

Act on the answers that come up for you as best you can.

Today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

You’ll immediately feel happier more fulfilled.

And as a bonus, your business and life will morph into the most ideal version for YOU, starting today!



P.S.: Want to stop settling for what you think you can get and aim for your TRUE dream instead?

Need help getting clear on what you want and / or in making it real?

Let me help you bust through any obstacles, fears & blocks and save you a TON of time, energy and hassle by working with me 1-1.

You can apply for a Free Soar Session to get clear on what YOU need to break through to your next level AND if and how I could help you here.



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