Many years ago, money was a constant source of stress & worry.

When it felt like I didn’t have enough money to pay the bills, I worried how I could get more money & where that money could come from.

When I had enough money, I worried I’d lose it. Or that my income would dry up one day.

No matter what my financial situation looked like: I worried.

My then coach helped me release stress. In addition to her coaching, I learned to surrender, to relax, and to find peace within me no matter what was going on around me.

One day, a financial situation arose that normally would have caused me to panic.

But this time?


I shrugged it off and thought, oh well. It’ll get sorted somehow.

I enjoyed that completely peaceful state of being for a couple of seconds before doubts kicked in.

OMG! I wasn’t worried! Was that a good sign or … something to worry about?

Now I was worried. Worried that I didn’t worry. That couldn’t be good! That must be a sign that I was sticking my head in the sand!

This wasn’t good at all!

Or … was it?

I emailed my coach.

I explained the situation and how I worried about not being worried.

Should I worry?

She emailed me back that this was completely normal. She experienced the same thing when she’d learned to let go of her stress.

I just had to get used to this being my new normal. That was all. There was no reason to panic.

I still worry or feel stressed sometimes, but I can usually shift out of it quickly.

What I NEVER do anymore is worry about not being worried.

But I still see it in my clients. I help them let go of their stress and find peace in themselves, no matter what goes on around them, too. And sometimes, they encounter a situation that used to freak them out. and they worry if it’s normal that they’re not worried now.

I always tell them that there’s no reason to worry about not being worried. There’s nothing wrong with not worrying. There’s no reason to worry to begin with, period!!

It’s a completely unnecessary, paralyzing, creativity-killing, intuition-smothering habit to begin with.

Our (western) society completely normalized worrying to the point where NOT worrying equals being irresponsible / taking life too lightly (? As if that’s a problem somehow) / not truly loving someone (if you love them you worry about them, right? WRONG!).


There’s nothing wrong with not worrying.

There’s everything RIGHT with not worrying.

Not worrying is nothing to worry about.





Want to learn to let go of stress and worry less?

My upcoming book ‘The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life’ is just what you need!

Available: next Monday, June 14!!

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