The biggest obstacle to your growth (and the growth of your business) are:

#1 The things you’re not doing (even though you KNOW, deep down, you need to do them now), and

#2 The things you’re not willing to face (the fears you suppress, the decisions you avoid, the conversations you don’t have, the questions you don’t ask, etc.)

What are you not doing, even though you know it’s time to do it?

What are you avoiding, even though you know it’s time to face it?

Answer these questions honestly if you want to make changes in your life, pursue a dream or goal, or want to grow your business.

I know how much you may want to avoid this from experience, too! Sometimes it feels too hard or painful to look at what you don’t want to see.

But sooner or later you have to face it anyway—and until you do, whatever you’re avoiding hums annoyingly in the background of your life all the time.

Face it now.

Do it today.

It’s not fun, I know—but it will feel better soon, and save you a lot of energy and heartache in the long run.

It’ll be less hard than you think, and you’ll feel more relieved than you can imagine.

You got this!






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