It’s Wednesday, May 26 as I write this, and I’m launching my new book ‘The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter of your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life’ on Monday, June 14.

That’s two and a half weeks from now.

And this is my marketing / launch plan so far:

#1 The book is officially available on Monday, June 14

#2 When you buy the book between Monday, June 14 and Monday, June 28, you receive a cool bonus.

#3 I’ll send emails to my list and post on social media.

That’s it.

You may have some questions now.

You may wonder when I’m coming up with a solid plan (and a bonus); if I shouldn’t have done that already; if I’m not too late and it’s better to postpone the launch; and what the hell I’m doing anyway?

Yeah … what exactly AM I doing?!

I’m doing my marketing like I do everything in my business and life:

From my soul.

I know and trust that ALL I have to do is follow my flow and intuition in each moment, and when I do that, EVERYTHING I want and need falls into place with the least amount of effort.

I know that when I live from my soul and let my soul guide me, I’m most happy, most relaxed AND most productive.

I know that when I DON’T live from my soul, I feel caged, trapped, stressed and unhappy.

I slowly drift away from myself and feel restless and disconnected from myself and from life.

But when I follow my soul?

Things unfold for me like magic.

I don’t have to worry about HOW I can get or achieve something. The universe and my soul handle those details. As long as I pay attention to what I deep down KNOW and follow that as best I can, EVERYTHING works out perfectly.

Even when it seems random, chaotic and haphazard from the outside.

I know how most business coaches tell you to do marketing.

I did that for a while. I KNOW how to plan and strategize. How to come up with great ideas for a launch and plan the details weeks in advance.

I know how to push myself to do things I don’t want to do but I feel I SHOULD do. Because it’s in my plan. Or because others tell me that this is how it works and should be done if you want to get results.


Planning, strategizing and thinking through all the details DOES NOT WORK FOR ME.

Plus, it makes me unhappy.

It’s not how I live my life. It’s not how I do ANYTHING because it’s not my natural way of being.

So why would forcing myself to do something that’s NOT in my nature suddenly work when it comes to marketing?

The answer is that it doesn’t. It never did. And It never will. Because it’s NOT WHO I AM.

And if you’re creative and / or intuitive like me, the regular, structured, ‘normal’ way of approaching marketing most likely WON’T WORK FOR YOU EITHER.

It MAY get you the results you crave, but it comes at a price.

It won’t feel good, for starters. You’ll need to push and force yourself. It’ll be hard to enjoy your marketing because it feels like a should and makes you feel less free.

Your heart won’t be in it. Your full energy won’t be behind it. You need to work VERY hard for the results you get because you have to push yourself to do things you don’t want to do AND often feel you need to take massive action to achieve what you want.

Every time you do something that’s OUT of alignment with who you truly are, you lose a little piece of yourself and you feel a little less free, a little less joyful, a little less alive.

That’s why I stopped doing marketing in ways that don’t fit me and do it in MY way for years now.

Did my results improve as a result of doing marketing from soul?


Are all my results fantastic?


But they weren’t before either, when I still used ‘proven plans and strategies and tactics’.

If you don’t like marketing at all OR you don’t like the way you’re doing it now, it might be time for YOU to start doing marketing from your soul, in YOUR own way, too.

I created a master class that shows you exactly how to do that.

For only 27 Euros* you get access to:

#1 An audio master class that teaches you:

  • What marketing from soul is;
  • Why it works, and more importantly,
  • HOW it works (and how you can apply this in YOUR way!)
  • How & where to get inspiration for marketing that feels fun & good & creative;
  • What to pay attention to before you take an action to improve the results from that action.

#2  An audio that takes you through an energetic exerciseto invite in your ideal clients.

#3 A PDF handout with the main topics from the master class.


An audio where I share with you:

What the launch of my book will look like AND exactly how I came up with those ideas.

You’ll receive that AFTER the book launched, in the week of Monday, June 14, because at the moment of writing this, I honestly have NO idea what it will look like yet.

You can get your master class here.

You receive an email with the link to download all your materials (minus the bonus!! You receive that in two weeks!) within minutes after your purchase is completed.

It’s time to stop doing what doesn’t feel good, and to be true to YOU, in EVERYTHING you do,



* 21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Approximately 32 USD.


P.S.: interested in my book ‘The Inner Minimalist’? You can read all about it here. 



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