I’m cleaning out some old journals*, and find these thoughts in one of them:

“RANDOM THOUGHT: What if a desire is not the cause of a manifestation, but the effect of it?

What if something is already there, and it wants to be manifested through you, and it makes itself known to you in the form of a desire, so that you open up to it and make this something, whatever it is, real?

If time doesn’t exist, and everything is here now, this can certainly be true.

Does it make a difference if the desire causes the manifestation, or the manifestation causes the desire?

In one way it does: it helps you remember that what you want is already real, is already here, is already yours. You don’t have to push and strive to make it happen, you only have to open up to it and allow it to unfold.

Is it important to know what causes what and if there’s even a cause of anything to begin with?

No. It’s just fun to think about and break your usual, stale patterns of thinking.”

I love exploring stuff like this. My journals are filled with them. I wanted to share this one before I throw that journal in the recycling bin.

Do you enjoy thinking about things like this, too? Wondering how things are, or how you THINK they are, and then look at them differently just for the fun of it?

And what do you think about this specific topic? Do you think that what we normally see as the effect of something can be the cause of it, and vice versa? (I absolutely believe that.)





* I never hold on to journals for long. Some people keep their journals for ages. I never hold on to them for much longer than a year. The journal I’m going through now (see picture) is from December 2019, which is ancient for me. I wonder how it managed to escape my continuous decluttering for so long. ;-)⁣



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