One of the things I help my clients with is getting breakthroughs and moving through fears and obstacles.

Usually, they’re super motivated to do what it takes to move forward. That’s what they hired me for after all.

But sometimes they SAY they want to break through an issue or pattern, but I can feel in their energy that they’re not committed to it.

When that’s the case I ask them this question: 

Are you willing and ready to leave this behind you and let go of this issue?

You’d think the answer to that question would always be ‘yes’. But it isn’t. Sometimes you don’t want to let go of a problem or destructive habit because on some level, it (still) serves you.

You’re not always consciously aware of it. But when you’re open to find the answers and be honest with yourself, you always know.

These are some of the reasons some of my clients had over the years for wanting to hold onto their issue, for example: 

⭐It helped them get something they wanted (attention; sympathy; admiration; love);

⭐It helped them feel safe (they knew who they were WITH their issue, but who would they be without it?)

⭐They thought they needed to struggle so they could grow. If you take away the struggle, can you still grow? Can you still learn? (The answer is ‘yes’ by the way.)


If you have trouble letting go of a problem or fear, ask yourself if you’re TRULY ready and willing to let it go.

Be honest. Notice the first answer that comes up. It may surprise you …

Don’t judge or condemn yourself. It’s perfect when you notice that you’re not ready yet. At least now you know so you can change it!

Explore how holding on to your problem serves you. How does it benefit you? What do you think you still need it for? And how could you give yourself what you need when you let go of your problem?

You got this!




P.S.Need help getting unstuck, breaking through obstacles, limits and ceilings, and create a business and life you’re in love with?

Maybe I can help.

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