I don’t teach my clients anything new.

Well, no, I do, BUT that’s NOT the most important part of our work together.

People hire me because they want to realize their true dreams for their business and life, and most importantly: they want to do this in their OWN way.

They want to be true to themselves and stop pushing, striving, overworking, overthinking, and trying to fit themselves into a life or business that doesn’t feel like a 100% fit.

They want to be and feel FREE.

And the truth is, that there is absolutely NOTHING you must learn to find more happiness, freedom and success in your business (and life!).

If it’s your dream to be a surgeon then yes, PLEASE learn a bit about the human anatomy before you cut someone open and start rummaging through their organs.

But if it’s your dream to live your purpose, be happy and free, and make good money doing what you love?

You need to do A LOT more UNlearning than learning:

🔥You need to implement what you already know is true for you before you gather new knowledge.

🔥You need to turn inwards to find your own answers instead of seeking solutions outside of yourself.

🔥You need to release what no longer serves you (and recognize what no longer serves you to begin with).

🔥You need to let go of who you are NOT so you can be who you ARE.

🔥You need to let go of what you tolerate so you make space for what you TRULY desire.

🔥You need to stop making your dreams and yourself smaller and BE and embrace all of you instead.

🔥You need to allow instead of striving, pushing, forcing or trying to make shit happen.

🔥You need to receive instead of chase.

🔥You need to open to your intuition instead of rationalizing your way through life.

🔥You need to surrender instead of holding on to your attachments.

🔥You need to open instead of holding on to your resistance.

🔥You need to trust instead of trying to control and micromanage the fuck out of everything.

In short:

You need to UNlearn and UNdo.

Yes, you learn new things in the process—mainly new insights about yourself, your soul, what you love and how life works for YOU.

(And yes, maybe you learn a thing or two about growing your list or marketing or sales, too.)

Yes, you still do things—but you stop forcing your way through life and start following your natural flow and rhythm instead.

So, if you’re looking for more happiness, flow, freedom and success?

Start UNlearning, baby.

Let go of everything you think you SHOULD do or who you think you SHOULD be.

Be true to yourself and what you deep down KNOW you must do in each moment instead.

You need to let go to find freedom and flow.



P.S. Find it hard to build your business & life around who you truly are and what you really love?

Because you don’t know how to do it, fear you won’t make enough money, or are scared that others will criticize you or won’t like you anymore?

I can help.

Check out my 1-1 coaching here and apply for a Free Soar Session to see if we’re a great fit (or not).



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