When you follow your heart, others can perceive this as an inspiration or as a threat, depending on how they feel about their own dreams.

If they’re following their own dreams or aspire to, your life will be an inspiration to them and they’ll applaud you.

If they’re too scared to follow their heart, they may resent you because your courage reminds them of their own cowardice or fears. They’re working hard to settle for the life they have, and there you are, showing them that life can be different! How dare you!

They can project these feelings they DON’T wish to feel onto you, and mistakenly think that you’re to blame for their misery.

You are not. You’re merely living your life, being true to yourself, doing what you feel is best for YOU. That is ALL you can do and ALL that you’re responsible for: to live YOUR life, based on YOUR choices, YOUR truth and YOUR dreams.

When others can’t handle the way you live your life, this mainly means they can’t handle the fact that they’re NOT living the life THEY want to live.

That’s not on you. That’s on them.

Ignore people who don’t approve of how you live your life or even cut them from your life if that’s what you need. You don’t have to tolerate anything from anyone; YOU decide how you want to be treated!

Everyone has the right to their opinion of you. You have the right to ignore everyone’s opinions and to walk your own path.

Live YOUR life in YOUR way.

Respect others but respect your own truth and dreams even more.



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