‘No’ is my favorite word.

Always has been.

Over the years, many people have commented on that.

Some said I was too negative and should focus more on the positive.

Some said I wasn’t nice enough. Saying ‘no’ isn’t polite; it’s not done; why do you always have to say no?!

And then there were some ‘spiritual’ people who say the universe doesn’t know the word ‘no’, so I should really stop saying it because the universe doesn’t understand it. (HA! I call MAJOR bullshit on that.)

I LOVE ‘no’.

Not because I’m negative—on the contrary! Overall, I’m a happy-go-lucky, positive person.

Not because I set out to offend others. (But if that happens because I follow my own truth and walk my own path? That’s too bad, but I’m not changing who I am to accommodate you.)

Not because I avoid being nice. (But I’m not a people pleaser.)

I LOVE saying no because my ‘NO’ creates space for my ‘YES!!!’

Saying ‘yes’ and saying ‘no’ are two sides of the same coin.  With EVERY ‘yes’ you ALSO ALWAYS say ‘no’.  And with EVERY ‘no’ you ALSO ALWAYS say ‘yes’.

They go hand in hand. You can’t say one without the other.

Some people are naturally drawn to ‘yes’.

Because they know what they want and focus on that. Or because they generally like the same things others around them like, and there’s no need to say ‘no’ to be true to themselves.

I’m naturally drawn to ‘no’.

Because often I don’t like the same things others around me like, and I need to say ‘no’ to be true to myself. Because I don’t bend to others’ expectations if that means going against my own truth. And because I often don’t know what I want, but I’m always SUPER clear on what I DON’T want.

By saying ‘NO’ to what I don’t want, I clear an open space, like a machete hacks a path through the jungle. In that space, I can breathe, I can open, and I can feel what it is I DO want.

‘NO’ is my home.

Not because I’m negative.

Not because I’m not nice or impolite.

But because it always brings me home to my ‘YES!!!’ so I can walk my own path and live my own truth.




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