Sometimes it seems to take forever to realize your dream or goal.

Sometimes you just want to speed up your manifesting process.

One thing that helps in these situations is to check if you’re aligned with your desire.


Are ALL your thoughts, actions, and beliefs pointing in the same direction?

Or are you sending out mixed signals?

Sometimes you want something AND don’t want it at the same time.

(You’re not always consciously aware of that!)

And guess what happens then?


Or not much.

So check if you’re aligned with your goal or dream.

You check it by asking yourself this question and answering it honestly (Don’t censor your answers or try to rationalize them away!!):

Is there a possible downside to reaching this goal / realizing this dream?

Notice everything that comes up.

Here’s an example of something I often see with my clients.

They want to grow their business (goal) but they’re they’ll get overwhelmed (downside).

They want more clients (goal but they fear they’ll have work too hard (downside).

They want to make more money (goal) but they’re scared they’ll lose it again once they have it (downside).

They want to be the go-to expert in their field (goal) but they’re afraid to be more visible (downside).

These downsides can be the reason you’re not manifesting your goal:

you don’t want to experience this negative outcome, so you make sure you don’t reach your goal so you won’t have to deal with this downside.

Mind you, this is all happening subconsciously!!

If you have a desire, dream or goal you want to make real, check if you there are downsides to getting what you want.

Maybe you don’t see any potential negatives, but often you do—especially when your dream is BIG.





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