“How come you’re so productive?” someone asked me recently.

I get why she asked it, because in 1 year I wrote 4 books; created 2 online programs and about 15 or so (? maybe more) master classes and training calls.

Plus some things I can’t remember and my private coaching.

To some, it may seem like I worked a lot.

But I’ve never felt more free than this past year.

The key to getting a lot done and feeling super relaxed?

Is to UNLEARN the whole concept of productivity.

It’s NOT important AT ALL.

There’s only life and doing what each moment calls for.

Sometimes you do something that might be considered ‘work’.

Sometimes, like right now, you sit in bed for hours, switching between journaling, watching an episode of a series on Netflix and taking a midmorning nap.

Suddenly feeling the urge to write this piece and then write it.

That’s how I live.

That’s how I work.

That’s how I believe life itself works.

Sometimes, this way of living and BEING leads to a stream of tangible results that look like ‘work’ or like I’m ‘doing business-y things.’

Sometimes, this way of living and BEING leads to … seemingly nothing at all. 

Seemingly being the key word here. Because you really can’t tell what’s ’nothing’ and what’s ’something’.

Everything is nothing and something at the same time, right?

After all, there’s only life and living it fully, which means to be present in each moment and do what each moment calls for to me.

When you live like that, there’s no place for ‘being productive’ at all.

There’s only BEING.

As the Taoists said thousands of years ago:

“The master, she acts not, yet everything gets done.”

That, to me, is the essence of life and of how I choose to live.

It doesn’t matter if I write 4 books in a year or 6000 or none. All that matters is that I LIVE and do what each moment calls for.




P.S.: Another thing that calls me today, is going over the final round of edits of my upcoming book ’The Inner Minimalist – clear the clutter from your mind for a simpler, quieter and happier life.’
Expected: May/June!
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