I was browsing books on boating for Arjen’s birthday.

He’s fixing up a 110-year-old boat he wants to live on one day, preferably off the grid.

So when I saw a book called ‘Off the Grid: How I quit the rat race and live for free aboard a sailboat’ by Captain Mark J. Reinhardt, my interest was piqued!

I looked inside the book and read the introduction.

This passage instantly jumped out:

“A lot of people let their fears stop them. I admit: fear drives me. But my fears are a little different. I don’t worry about the day-to-day. I worry, “What if I end up, my life is over and I never lived my dreams? That scares me more. I want a life well-lived.”

The only reason people don’t live their dreams or never even GO for their dreams, is fear.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of visibility, fear that you won’t make enough money, fear that you don’t have what it takes, that you don’t have enough time, energy or money, fear that you end up all alone or lose everything you have … the list of fears that can stop you is endless!

Fears paralyze you, make you quit before you reach your goal or stop you before you even started.

But this one fear? The fear our off-the-grid captain writes about in his introduction?

Now THAT’s different.

THAT fear is the biggest driving force to GO for all your dreams and make them real no matter what!

It definitely helped me move forward when I faced obstacles that seemed insurmountable at the time. Whenever one of those blocks were in my way, I reminded myself of a vow I made when I was 30:

I vowed to ALWAYS go for my dreams, no matter how scary or impossible they felt. Because I’m VERY clear about the kind of life I want to look back on when I’m on my deathbed many, many years from now.

Do I want to look back on a life shaped by my fears?

A life filled with missed opportunities, always playing it safe, and never knowing what could have happened if I’d said ‘yes’ to my dreams?

Or do I want to look back at a life shaped by my dreams?

A life filled with dreams and saying ‘yes’ to every one of them? A life where some things failed but hey, at least I tried? A life where dreams came true because I gave them a chance?

A life well-lived?

I choose the latter.

Because I, like Captain Mark, am more scared of never living my dreams than of any other fear.

How about you?



Want to live a well-lived life and say YES! to your dreams?

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