It was my birthday recently, and when I was journaling I felt inspired to make some lists to mark the occasion:

One list with things I take with me into my new year.

One list with things I leave behind me.

And one list with things I open up to.

I sometimes do this at the end of the year but never for my birthday. But this year, it felt fitting. A new phase started for me already, but I feel more will change over the next year. All good things, of course. 😉

When I look around me, I see many people who want to make a fresh start.

It’s a spring thing. You know, clearing out the old and opening up for the new.

And perhaps the whole corona-situation makes people turn inwards more than before, and wonder if they’re doing what they REALLY want and came for.

Are you?

Are you doing what you REALLY want?

Are you doing what you came for?

If not, or if you are but still feel that more is possible for you, start with this:

Make a list with things you wish to leave behind you. You don’t have to know IF you can leave it behind you or HOW you can do that.

It also doesn’t matter if it seems possible or logical. This is about clearing a path for something new to come through.

What are you no longer willing to tolerate?

What are you no longer willing to settle for?

What are you DONE with?

If anything was possible and you feared nothing, what would you leave behind you now?

Go all out.

Don’t censor yourself or judge what comes up.

Once that list is done, move on to your second list that describes your desires.

What would you like to see more of in your business & life?

What would you like to open up to?

If anything was possible and you feared nothing, what would you TRULY want?

Give yourself some time to feel into these questions.

Your answers might surprise you.

Even when your life is pretty good, it can always get better!

If you’re not sure what you truly want, or you DO know but you don’t know if and how you could realize this, my online program Unmute Your Life is perfect for you! 

In it, you will get to the core of your desires and what you really want for your business & life.

You learn how to manifest it AND how to clear any obstacles, fears, doubts or blocks that might stand in your way.

The result: you’re free to create a business & life you adore!

You can read all about the program & sign up for it here.

‘See’ you there?





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