Looking at what others do can be distracting.

One day you see someone sell out their workshop through a webinar, and you think: maybe I need to do webinars, too!

The next day you see someone grow their list with a free challenge, and you think: I should do a free challenge, too!

A week later someone tells you that having a video on your homepage increases your conversion, and now you think your business can only grow when you have a video on your homepage, too!

Maybe webinars, free challenges and videos will work for you.

Maybe they help you grow your business and make your dreams real.

And maybe you don’t need any of it. Or maybe you don’t need it NOW.

If something inspires you and feels like fun, DO IT! That’s a sign that yes, this is a good idea for you.

When looking at others makes you doubt yourself or fills your head with numerous things you think you SHOULD do: STOP.

Stop looking at others.

Even when they have the same dreams and goals you do, this does NOT mean that THEIR way of reaching those goals is the path YOU should follow, too!

You have your own path, your own way, and actions that are specific for YOU.

How do you know what these actions are? By turning inward and listening to your intuition. By learning to trust yourself and be true to YOUR path.

(How you do that? BY CHOOSING to trust yourself and honor your path. Everything starts with a decision!)

Your path may look like that of others, and you may use the same tools and strategies they do.

And maybe it looks nothing like it.

The ONLY way to know what YOUR way looks like, is to go within and listen to your inner wisdom.

Get quiet so you can hear the whispers of your intuition.

Do what you know is right for you. Ignore everything (and everyone) else. Only YOU know your path. Spend your time getting to know yourself better instead of comparing yourself to others.

You know best, baby!

CHOOSE to trust that.





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