I normally have more inspiration than I know what to do with.

Every day, I have inspiration for at least 2 blogs, 2 podcasts and a couple of Social Media updates.

I never use all of that inspiration because I simply don’t have enough time to use it all. And that’s okay. I use the ideas that speak to me most and let go of the rest. A new batch of ideas will flow to me again the next day.

It always does. And since I started popping out one book after the other in the past year (I wrote 4 books in 6 months last year – 2 of them are already published, the other 2 will be published over the next couple of months), the amount of inspiration that flows to me has increased even more.

Until last week.

I barely scraped together 2 or maybe 3 Social Media updates, and that was it. Which was fine. It felt good to take a break from Facebook and Instagram and I had plenty of stuff to do, so it didn’t matter.

But still … this sudden interruption of the flow of inspiration felt weird. I knew it would come back and didn’t worry about it, but I did wonder where this break came from.

This morning, it was clear.

I wasn’t using the inspiration that I DID receive…

I planned to start writing my 7th book on April 1. That didn’t happen. I planned to start writing it last Thursday. That didn’t happen either.

It’s the 12th now, which means I’ve been procrastinating for 11 days.

It’s fine, and I’ll start (for real!!!) today.

How do I know I will truly start today? Because inspiration flows. The tap is open again!

When you don’t use the inspiration you receive, your well of ideas goes dry.

 Why bring you more if you don’t use what you already have? There’s no point.

If you feel your well of inspiration has dried up, check if this may be happening for you, too.

Is there an inspired idea or action you’ve been sitting on for a while? Something you know you have to do someday, but you didn’t do it yet?

Do it now.

It will open you up to more flow and more ideas.

Did you receive inspiration you haven’t used yet? Use it now.

Your well of inspiration won’t dry up when you use what you have. It will only expand.




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