One of the women in my Divinely Selfish Book Club asked me how to let go of past disappointments.

I gave her a powerful exercise to transform disappointment and renew faith in your goal. I also gave her this tip that makes a HUGE difference in how you feel:

Be mindful of what you make things mean.

Let’s say you wanted 20 people in your program and only 2 signed up. That’s neutral. It doesn’t mean anything, except the meaning you give it. That’s where your inner critic comes in. She tells you you’re a failure, you’re not good enough or you’ll never get what you want. THAT’S what hurts. NOT the situation itself.

If you wanted 20 people in your program and only 2 signed up, this means nothing more and nothing less than that you hoped for 20 people and you got 2. That’s all. The meaning you give it determines how you feel about it. In itself, this situation doesn’t mean anything. It’s your interpretation of it that makes all the difference.

Be mindful of what you make things mean.

Try to see situations for what they really are. Most things are neutral. If you HAVE to interpret them, put a positive spin on it.

Think ‘better luck next time’ instead of ‘it’ll never work.’ Think ‘you never know what’s possible’ instead of ‘my options are limited.’

Look at what you can change and keep going. Learn from your previous actions and be VERY mindful of what you make things mean. You can choose numerous perspectives on any situation. Pick one that makes you feel good (or at least doesn’t make you feel bad).




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