One of the assignments my then coach gave me in 1998 was to make a list of 5 successes and explore how I realized each win.

“The first thing that struck me is that each of these successes are an ending,” she said when she read my list.

She was right. One win was about dropping out of university, another about quitting a job, and I can’t remember the other 3 but these were all endings, too.

She’d never seen anyone label 5 endings as a success so for her, this stood out. For me, this was just the way I looked at things.  

Fast forward to today.

I’ve been coaching women for 2 decades and gave my own clients a similar exercise countless times. NOT ONCE has one of them listed more than 1 ending on their success list. (If they even put 1 on.)

I know why my list looked so different from that of most others. I’m good at something many people are not.

I have the willingness to let go.

The willingness to walk away. (From situations & people that aren’t good for me.)

The willingness to throw things out. (Manuscripts, journals, books, online programs, etc.)

The willingness to quit. (Jobs. Projects. Ideas. Even when I already put A LOT of time, energy & money in it.)

The willingness so say goodbye.

The willingness to let go of ANYTHING that no longer serves me and no longer feels aligned.

Most people hold on too long. Some never let go.

Did I sometimes throw something out too soon? Oh yeah.

Did I sometimes hold on longer than was good for me? Definitely.

But overall?

I’m GOOD at knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

And when it’s time for something (or someone) to go? It goes. Whether it’s a belief, a habit, stuff, manuscripts, parts of my identity or my business… if it’s no longer aligned, it’s out.

I don’t even look at this like endings. It always feels like a new beginning. (And I LOVE those!)

Every ending IS a new beginning. And every new beginning IS an ending, too!

Growth and change become easier when you know when to hold on and when to let go.

And when you act on that knowing as well.

What in your life is ready to go?

What can you leave behind to allow new beginnings?




Letting go of people can be the hardest thing. But sometimes it’s necessary. That’s why I wrote a chapter about how you can do that in my book ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first.’

Learn how to prioritize yourself and your dreams and how to do that in a way that serves others, too. You end up happier and freer than ever before!

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