It’s one thing to want to do business & life on your own terms, in your own way.

All my clients want that. You probably want it, too.

(I mean… what else would you want? Live your life on someone else’s terms? Do business in ways that aren’t aligned with you? Ehm… why would you want THAT?)

As is often the case, WANTING it and DOING it are two different things.

What usually stands in the way is the need to be liked. Or the fear to be DISliked. The fear to be criticized, to no longer belong, or, oh horror, end up in some kind of conflict!

But here’s the thing. Doing business & life on your terms and people pleasing and trying to avoid conflicts or criticism do NOT go hand in hand.

This does NOT mean you have to turn into a raging bitch.

It does NOT mean that everyone stops liking you or you’ll end up in one conflict after the other. Absolutely not. But it’s possible.

Pleasing others and doing your own thing don’t always mix.

Sometimes choosing yourself means to disappoint others or to disrupt the status quo. (And remember: pleasing others at your own expense always disappoints the most important person in your life, the ONLY one who’s with you from birth to death: YOU!)

You can only do business & life in your own way when you’re willing to disrupt, disappoint, and sometimes even offend.

You need to be willing to be disliked or criticized.

You need to be willing to not live up to another’s expectations.

You need to be willing to be true to yourself even when it’s scary or feels super uncomfortable.

Are you willing to do that?




Thankfully letting go of your need to be liked is a learnable skill! My book The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first gives you all the tools, tips & inspiration you need to prioritize yourself and your dreams.

You can read all about & order your copy here.



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