A couple of years ago, after a wonderful vacation in Greece, Arjen and I made a vow:

From then on, we’d live our life as if every day was a holiday.

He was still working in a job when he made that decision.

I already had my own business since forever and consciously created a life for myself that allowed me a TON of freedom.

But it didn’t feel like every day was a holiday.

Because that has NOTHING to do with what’s on your schedule, and EVERYTHING to do with your state of being and mindset.

On vacations, I’m super relaxed. I don’t think about what ‘needs’ to be done or what I really ‘should’ do. On the contrary!

I sink deep, deep, DEEP into my inner world. I connect with my heart, my soul, my flow, deep, deep, DEEPER than ever. And I follow what I most want to do in EACH AND EVERY SECOND.

Which, on vacation, is not a whole lot. A little swim, a little walk, a little nap, a lot of reading, and a lot of journaling.

And no, I couldn’t do that each and every day.

Which is the immediate limitation people throw at me when I talk about living each day as if it’s a holiday.

But the REASON I couldn’t do that every day is NOT THAT IT WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE TO LIVE LIFE THAT WAY.


That vacation routine is something I deeply LOVE for a week—and then I want to DO things again. Not because my mind tells me I should, but because I DESIRE to.

I LOVE to write.

I LOVE to create.

I LOVE to coach.

I love it all!

When I listen to my flow, it ALL gets done: the writing, the creating, the coaching, the napping, the journaling, the reading, the staring at the sky and doing absolutely fuck all-ing.

The BIG difference is this:

When you do something from FLOW, because you naturally feel like it and are drawn to it, it energizes you and makes you feel great. You do it from SOUL.

When you do something from FEAR, because your mind tells you that you really should do something, or else!, it drains you, if only a little. And it sure as hell doesn’t make you feel great.

So yes, you CAN live every day like it’s a holiday because it has NOTHING to do with what you DO, but everything to do with your mindset and, most importantly, your state of being. Your energy.

The key is this:

Do you act from FLOW and SOUL or do you act from FEAR and SHOULD?

The first makes you feel like you’re on holiday (or even better).

The second wears you out.

To following flow and living your absolute BEST life!

(And yes, you can STILL feel bad or stressed. Just like you can on holiday. But overall? MASSIVE life upgrade!)



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