Overcomplicating. I’m good at it.

I realized this morning I was doing it again. I was thinking about something and for the life of me couldn’t think my way through it.

I used to really dig my heels in when I couldn’t figure something out: I’d try and look at it from different angles and kept trying to find a solution. Which only complicated everything even more.

Now, I know better.

When I can’t figure something out this does NOT mean I should dig deeper, on the contrary: I need to take a step back. I need to let go instead of dive in deeper.

If I could think my way through it, I’d have done that by now.

So this morning I stepped back and let go. IF there’s something I should do, that will become clear. The inspiration will come at the perfect time and I’ll follow it then. Until then, I just let it be. It’s out of my hands, at least for now. It will either work itself out somehow or I’ll know what to do at some point.

I see my clients do the same thing sometimes. They try to think something through and all it leads to is overthinking and overcomplicating the situation. Sometimes the solution comes the moment they step back and let go, sometimes it takes a little longer. But clarity ALWAYS comes.

What are you overthinking or overcomplicating now?

Step back and let it go, at least for now. If you could have thought your way through it you’d have done that by now. Relax and open up for the answers and solutions to find you. They always do.







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