People often think they have to choose between two things they desire.⁣

The thing that’s most important to them will always win at the cost of the other.⁣

For me, I used to think that I had to choose between success OR freedom.⁣

I was afraid growing my business would mean I would lose my freedom.⁣

I was not willing to do that. And every time I built momentum in my business, I started to self-sabotage so I wouldn’t grow any further.⁣

This was NOT a conscious decision.⁣

I uncovered it when I explored why I always hit the brakes when things started to work.⁣

I realized I unconsciously thought I HAD to choose, and shifted my mindset around that.⁣

Now, I know I don’t have to choose.⁣

(But I still need to remind myself of that every time I shift into a next level.)⁣

Over the years I’ve seen many clients wrestle with a similar issue.⁣

Some thought they could either be happy OR rich.⁣

Others thought they’d have to choose between a successful business OR a great relationship.⁣

And some thing they have to choose between growing their business OR being a good parent.⁣

Chances are you think you have to choose between two things that matter to you, too.⁣

It’s a pretty common block!⁣

What do you fear you will lose when you get what you want?⁣

What are you afraid you have to give up to manifest your dream?⁣

And what if… you didn’t have to choose between them and you could have both?⁣




Want to realize your true dream but you’re not sure what that looks like OR you feel stuck and don’t know how to manifest it?⁣

My book ‘Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want’ helps!⁣

It helps you clarify your true dream, shows you how to manifest it, and dismantles any and all blocks that might stop you from getting exactly what you want.⁣

You can read all about it here.⁣

(Or you can work with me 1-1 so I can help you move through your blocks and SOAR, just like I helped numerous women before you over the past two decades.⁣

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