What if today, the whole day…


… you would catch yourself EVERY time you had a doubtful, fear-based, critical, shameful, guilt-ridden, disrespectful, harsh, or unloving thought about yourself


… and you’d replace it with a loving, kind, gentle, patient, warm, respectful thought?


What if today, the whole day…


… you’d accept yourself as you are, because you are


… you’d focus on what you like about yourself instead of what you’d like to change


… you’d focus on your successes instead of your ‘failures’


… you’d focus on what’s right about you instead of on what’s wrong about you?


What if today, the whole day…


… you’d love yourself more instead of less


… you’d like yourself more instead of less


… you’d take better care of yourself than ever before?


(And what if, oh, what if, you’d do this EVERY day instead of just today?)






Self-love and self-acceptance are important aspects of creating a business & life you adore. 


You can NEVER manifest that when you don’t love and accept yourself!


How could you receive what you love when you don’t allow yourself to have it?


How could you create a life you love when you’re not sure you’re worthy of it?


How could you enjoy your life when you don’t enjoy your own company?


You can’t.


Not fully.


Sel-love and self-acceptance are two recurring themes in my upcoming book ’The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first’


Expected: Monday, March 8.


(With a super cool bonus if you order your copy before Monday, March 22: a book club!!


More details follow…)



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