Do you sometimes look at what others do to grow their business and think: maybe I should do that, too?

Person A says she became successful because she started working with coach X. Person B raves about program Y that helped her double her income. Person C claims her success came when she joined a mastermind / followed strategy Z / started using method F / learned how to …..etc.

Every time you read something like this you think: perhaps I should do what she did, too…

And it feeds the ongoing thoughts in your mind that you don’t do enough or you don’t do the right thing or you should keep looking for the magic pill to finally achieve the results you dream of.

You must be doing something wrong or do too little, or else you’d already have the things you want, right?

Well… maybe.

And maybe, yes, working with coach X or joining program Y or using method F is something that can help you.

How can you tell?

When your intuition gently nudges you in that direction. When you feel GOOD about exploring this option. When you just KNOW this might be perfect for you, too. When it feels spacious and light when you think about doing whatever it is that spoke to you.

When you feel ANY kind of pushy energy, it’s NOT your intuition. Your fears and doubts are egging you on, based on the idea that what you do, who you are and how you do things is not good enough.

In that case, DO NOT join program Y or use method F or whatever you thought you should do and invest in.

It’s not aligned. It’s not in your highest good. It’s not your inner wisdom inviting you into your next best step, it’s your fear pushing you based on the idea that you’re broken and need fixing.

There are as many ways to grow your business as there are entrepreneurs.

YOUR way MAY involve working with a coach, learning specific strategies, or joining certain programs.

And it may not.

Your soul knows.

Follow her guidance, your intuition, your inner knowing, and you automatically do what’s best for you and your business.

Let go of pushing and forcing yourself. Let go of thinking you’re doing it wrong. Stop looking outside of you for answers and turn inwards to explore your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Trust yourself.

You know best.

Do what feels genuinely inspired and right for you.

Even when it’s scary or something you never thought you’d do.

Even when it seems too easy or too simple.

Even when no one does it that way and also when everyone does it that way, too!

Trust yourself.

You TRULY know best.



P.S. Need help finding YOUR way to grow your business on your own terms?

And learn how to be true to yourself in EVERYTHING you do so you feel free and at home in your business & life?

My 1-1 coaching can help.

Check it out here if you feel inspired to do so.



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