NOT owning your full power is a theme for most women.

That’s a direct result of centuries of oppression and silencing women and giving them the message that women are less than men. This conditioning and messaging is still part of our culture today, in subtle and overt ways.

As a result, most women play and keep themselves small.

But when you desire to fully LIVE and create a business and life you adore, you need to break the shackles that keep you feeling and acting smaller than you are.

Because sooner or later, you can’t shrink anymore. It’s too painful.

You’ve outgrown the energetic coat you’ve been wearing for so long.

It hinders your movements and freedom more and more. You need room to spread your wings and FLY.

Expansion is calling you.

More is possible for you and you can feel it in your bones.

But how can you connect with your power and how can you stop yourself from shrinking away from it again?

Begin with making the decision to stop dimming your light and to embrace your full power.

Allow yourself to be as powerful as you are.

Remind yourself of a time you felt incredibly powerful and FEEL that energy surge through your body.

Connect with that energy daily.

BE in that energy daily, as often as you can.

There’s NO reason to fear your power.

Yes, it’s true that powerful women have been feared, persecuted and oppressed throughout history. It hasn’t been safe to be fully seen in all your power and wisdom for centuries.

The world feared powerful women because you can’t control them.

You can’t keep them small and you can’t tell them what to do.

As a result women learned to fear their power, too.

But your power is nothing to be afraid of. It’s part of who you are. You have the power to birth LIFE! Whether you have or want children or not, that power is yours.

It’s time to unleash that full power and own and allow ALL that you are.

You need it, because you’re DONE playing and feeling small.

The world needs it, too.

You have SO much to share and contribute.

Let it all out, unrestricted, uncensored, and unapologetically.

It’s time to stop squishing yourself in a mold that’s too small and was never meant for you to begin with.

Break your shackles. Uncage your pure power and life force. Embrace it. Express it. BE it.

You’re ready.

And you want it more than you realize.



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