People often wonder how to find their purpose.⁣

Or they worry if they’re really living their purpose.⁣

They want to be able to have a nice, clear and crisp elevator pitch that describes their purpose in a way that sets their soul on fire AND attracts their ideal clients instantly!⁣

But you don’t have to FIND your purpose.⁣

You don’t have to search for it.⁣


It’s already baked in your blueprint.⁣

Sure, your purpose can be to be a healer or write books.⁣

Your purpose can be to contribute to more beauty in the world or to help raise the vibration of humanity.⁣
It doesn’t matter and you don’t have to know what it is.⁣

All you have to know is this:⁣

1. Everyone has a purpose, including you.⁣

2. Your purpose is to be, do and experience the things your soul came to be, do and experience.⁣

3. The way to do that is to be true to you in EVERYTHING you do, in each moment of each day.⁣

When you’re true to yourself, you listen to your intuition and you follow what sparks your interest and joy, you AUTOMATICALLY live your purpose.⁣

You automatically live an authentic life and live a happy fulfilling life.⁣

And you automatically build a healthy, happy business that makes a difference in the lives of others.⁣

You don’t have to know your purpose. ⁣

ALL you have to do is be true to YOU, in everything you do.⁣

I know, that’s sometimes easier said than done.⁣

Being completely true to yourself and your soul can trigger fears and doubts.⁣

Are you really good enough?⁣

Can you really make enough money when you’re true to yourself and do what you love?⁣

It can triggers fears around visibility, fear of being disliked and fear of being criticized.⁣

It can be hard to set boundaries, say yes to things others don’t understand and say no when this disappoints or even offends others.⁣


I lived through all of that myself.⁣

And wrote a book* about that shows you exactly how you, too, can put your soul first so you never have to sacrifice or compromise who you are ever again, in business and life.⁣

It’ll be published in March.⁣

Until then, practice.

Practice feeling what goes on inside you.⁣

Practice feeling what you TRULY want.⁣

Practice noticing what calls you, delights you, inspires and ignites you.⁣

And follow that as best and as often as you can, even when you don’t know why or where it’ll bring you.⁣

That’s the way to live your purpose.⁣

That’s the way to live up to your highest potential.⁣

That’s the way to live an authentic, happy, FREE life on your own terms, in your own way.⁣




* The Art of Divine Selfishness – transform your life, your business & the world by putting YOU first is published in March!⁣

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