In our world we have a distorted view of what it means to be productive and we over-emphasize the need to be ‘productive’ at all times.


But forcing yourself into action when you need rest deeply hurts you in multiple ways. It hurts you because you drain yourself, which at best leaves you feeling tired and at worst leads to a burnout.


It hurts you because denying yourself what you truly need makes you feel unhappy. It cuts you off from your body, your desires, your soul, your truth.


The more you override your needs & wants the more you lose touch with your soul, your dreams, your purpose—and the unhappier and unfulfilled you feel.


You also kill your creativity AND, paradoxically, your TRUE productivity.


Because EVERY creation (this includes EVERYTHING you in your business and life!) goes in cycles and phases. There’s a phase that calls for action. There’s a phase that calls for contemplation & reflection. There’s a phase that calls for rest.


These phases come and go, and if you’re working on multiple projects, one project can be in one phase and another in another. Meaning: you may need to take action on project 1 but let project 2 simmer in the background for a bit.


AND there’s an overarching cycle of action, contemplation, reflection, and rest that flows through your entire life.


EVERY phase in this cycle is productive.

Contemplation, reflective and rest are AS IMPORTANT as action, if not MORE important!! (For it’s your ENERGY that determines your results, not your actions.)


If you want to feel happy, fulfilled, filled with life, joy and energy, you need to honor your cycles of productivity and rest.


How do you know what you need?


Get quiet. Notice what you feel. Listen to your feelings, intuition and your body.


Tune into yourself multiple times a day and follow what you feel you truly need as best you can.


What phase are you in in THIS moment? Will you honor it?






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