You don’t have to make plans, strategize or see your entire path before you can walk it.


You don’t have to know HOW to get what you want and need or HOW to get where you want to be.


All you have to do is to follow what calls you in each moment.




It’s important to follow the RIGHT call.


Your fear-driven ego AND your soul can both call you.


When I say that ALL you have to do is follow what each moment calls for, I mean to follow the calls of your SOUL.


NOT the forcing, pushing, distracting, fear- and discomfort avoiding calls your ego shouts at you.


I know the first question that comes into your head right now:


But HOW do I know the difference?




Very often, you just KNOW.


Whether or not you listen is another story, but you KNOW. You have a feeling, a knowing, of the thing that would be wise to do. You can think yourself out of it, but deep down, you KNOW.


Sometimes, you don’t know. You’re not sure. That still happens to me sometimes, even though I’ve practiced following my soul for almost two decades now!


What I do when I’m not sure is simple: I take the time to turn inward and explore.

Feel. Feel some more. Inquire. Question. Journal. And then I let go, knowing and trusting that clarity WILL come. It always does. (Or I just act and see what happens, and course correct later. I don’t make a big deal about any of it.)


The key word here is to PRACTICE.


To PRACTICE acting on the things you just KNOW, even when they scare you. Even when it feels uncomfortable. Even when your mind thinks it’s stupid or doesn’t understand it.


To PRACTICE turning inward and exploring what you feel, what’s going on, and what feels like the right thing to do BEFORE you do anything.


To stop reacting and start responding, to start reflecting before you act, and to search for answers INSIDE instead of always looking for input, answers, feedback and advice on teh OUTSIDE.


To PRACTICE noticing when your energy contracts (= a sign something is off, untrue and not right for you) and when your energy expands (= a sign that something is right, true and good for you.)

And to then ACT on what feels right.


All you have to do is what calls you in each moment.


What your SOUL calls for in each moment.


Practice. Practice. Practice.


You’ll be so glad you did!





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