I overdid it in one of my workouts this week and have ginormous lower back pain now as a result.⁣

Nothing serious, but painful enough to get my attention.⁣

So I tuned into my intuition and my lower back and inquired what this was all about.⁣

How did I create this?⁣

The answer was instantly clear:⁣

I neglected good form in one of the exercises because I asked too much of myself.⁣

I ignored the little voice inside me that told me that it was better to do a modified exercise or go a lot slower.⁣

But… I let myself be distracted by the workout pros on the workout video.⁣

I looked at their muscles and skill and thought, ‘I want that, too!’.⁣

And instead of paying attention to my body, intuition and tuning INWARDS to feel what was right for me, I tuned OUTWARDS and followed a pace that wasn’t good for me.⁣

Ouch. I thought I was always super in tune with my own truth and didn’t get off track anymore.⁣

Turns out, I did.⁣

And that’s perfectly fine!⁣

(Minus the pain. Although, without the pain I wouldn’t have received this insight, so the pain is a gift, too.)⁣

I asked myself: where else am I out of touch with my own truth and let myself get distracted by something on the outside?⁣

I instantly knew.⁣

I’m super excited about a couple of things I’m working on / dreams I’m manifesting.⁣

And… when I’m excited and / or REALLY want something, THAT’S what can cause me to drift away from my deepest truths and take actions or make decisions that aren’t 100% aligned with me. I just don’t notice that because my excitement / desire speaks just a little bit louder.⁣

Good thing I caught it now!⁣

I know the pain will go away again, so that’s all good.⁣

And this reminder is worth GOLD.⁣

I’m listening, soul. I’m listening. ;-)⁣

Are you listening to your deepest truths?⁣

When can you get distracted from it?⁣

Pay attention now so you never drift too far away from your path and what serves you best.⁣






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