One of the things my clients always ask for (and I asked my own coaches for millions of times as well..) are new manifesting tools.⁣

You know, tools to shift out of fear or tools to focus on your dreams or tools to open up to receive more or ANY kind of tool that helps you manifest your desires.⁣

Even when most of my clients have dozens of tools themselves already, they still always ask for more.⁣

(Just like I did and still often do with my own coaches.)⁣

People are always looking for that ONE magic tool that will bring you miraculous results.⁣

But the truth is this, and it’s much simpler than you (want to) believe it is:⁣

EVERYTHING you want can come to you when you’re open to receive it and you’re not getting in your own way.⁣

(As long as it’s aligned with your soul and your highest good.⁣

And you don’t always know what that is, or when it’s the perfect time to receive it…)⁣

When are you open to receive?⁣

When there’s no resistance to ANYTHING and your energy/vibration/frequency is high.⁣

The main thing ANY manifesting tool does, is to raise your vibration so that you open up to receive more, and you’re open to co-create with your soul and Source instead of trying to figure out everything on your own.⁣

That’s it.⁣

So which tool works best?⁣

The tool you enjoy working with most.⁣

ANYTHING that makes you feel better, helps you relax and let go, helps you release tension and open up, works.⁣

Whether it’s journaling or visualizing or meditating or writing down affirmations or scripting or taking a walk or dancing or watching funny videos and laughing your ass off…⁣

When it makes you genuinely feel better, it will work.⁣

This ALSO means that, when you notice that using a certain tool starts to feel like work and you don’t really like it anymore, it’s time to let go of it and replace it with a different tool you enjoy playing with.⁣

Anything you truly enjoy lights you up and opens you up.⁣

Anything that feels like a should closes you off and causes tension and resistance⁣

AND this ALSO means that, if you naturally feel good and are in good spirits, YOU DON’T NEED ANY MANIFESTING TOOLS OR PRACTICES AT ALL TO GET WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED.⁣

In short:⁣

Do what makes you feel good, and you’re good.⁣

Happy manifesting!⁣






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