When you say you don’t like marketing or launching, what’s usually REALLY going on is one (or more. or all!) of these things:



  1. Fear to make yourself visible


  1. Having doubts about your worth and/or your work


  1. Fear that you can’t deliver what you promise


  1. Feeling like an imposter / a fraud


  1. Disappointment about pasts results


  1. Fear that you won’t get the results you desire / think you need


  1. Issues / fears having to do with money



I regularly see it in my clients AND I’ve definitely felt ALL of it myself.



If you say you don’t like marketing or launching, check to see what’s REALLY going on underneath.


Sure, maybe you’re the exception who can grow her business without ever doing ANY kind of marketing, ever.


That’s DEFINITELY possible!!!


How do you know if it’s possible for you?


When you’re not doing ANY kind of marketing and you always have all the clients / sales you want and need.


When you’re not doing ANY marketing and your business grows and expands always.


In that case, congrats and carry on.



But if your business doesn’t bring you the results you want, and you say things like ‘I don’t like marketing!” or ‘I don’t want to be sleazy or sales-y!’ or ‘I wish clients would just magically flow to me always!’, here’s the key to break through your impasse:




And heal, shift, transform and transcend whatever needs healing, shifting, transforming and transcending.


The inner work is ALWAYS the key to EVERYTHING you choose to manifest.


But only always.


Explore and be honest:


What’s REALLY going on underneath your dislike of marketing and your desire for clients to magically flow to you always?


Whatever fear or doubt is underneath is negatively impacting you and making you feel bad (or at least less than great) in ALL areas of your business (and life!)


Dig up what’s TRULY in your way.


Shift, heal, transform or transcend it.


And watch your world and business change for the better…


This is the TRUE work I do with my clients:


I pinpoint the root cause of whatever bothers you or wherever you’re stuck, and help you shift, heal, transform and transcend that.


Because once your inner world is aligned with your soul & your desires, what you want can flow to you with so much more ease and joy!


Growing your business and making your true dreams real is not about working harder or smarter.


It’s about co-creating with Source, letting your soul guide you, and getting out of your own way.


I’m a master at supporting you in that.


If you’re ready to SOAR in 2021, I can help you make that journey as easy, effective and enjoyable as possible. 

(It’s so much easier and costs less energy than continuing to feel stuck and not living your highest potential!)


Apply for a Free Soar Session to explore with me where you’re currently in your own way, and how you can break through that. 


We also explore if and how I could support you next year 1-1.


No strings no costs, and you leave with a clear idea of your next steps to experience your breakthrough, whether we decide to work together or not.


You can apply for your spot here.






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