When you see someone who has achieved something you aspire, what’s your default response to that?⁣

Does this make you feel like you can have this, too? That what they’ve achieved (or something even better!) is available and possible for you as well?⁣

Or do you instantly look for reasons why they can have it but you can’t?⁣

Do you try to find reasons why they have it easier than you or why they can accomplish this but you can’t?⁣

I used to have the second response. ⁣

When I saw someone who already had what I aspired, I was inspired for a couple of moments but quickly and actively started looking for reasons why I could never do or have that.⁣

I know why I did it. I did it to prevent myself from disappointments and failure. ⁣

When you expect little, not much can go wrong, right?⁣

You can only fail in small ways and feel a little disappointed if you don’t expect too much.⁣

I did it to sabotage myself, because it felt safer to stay where I was than stepping into something new and unknown. ⁣

I did it for a bunch of other reasons / limiting beliefs and constructs and most of all, I did this UNCONSCIOUSLY.⁣

That is, I sort of knew I did it, but I didn’t REALLY know it.⁣

And I definitely didn’t know how much I limited myself and kept myself small by doing this!⁣

The truth is this:⁣

Whatever you desire and dream of is available and possible for you.⁣

Especially when it comes from your soul: you have everything within you to let this unfold for you.⁣

What’s possible for others is possible for you, too, regardless of your past results or if you think another has it easier than you.⁣

We’re ALL souls having a human experience, we ALL have access to the same cosmic powers and resources, we ALL have our own spiritual team and we are ALL much more powerful than we think.⁣

Explore what your default reaction is when you see someone who has achieved or possesses something you desire. ⁣

Do you see this as confirmation that it’s possible for you, too?⁣

Does it inspire you?⁣

Do you explore what you can learn from their state of being, their mindset, how they show up and how they act?⁣

Or… do you look for all the reasons they have it easier and you can never have what they have / accomplish what they’ve accomplished?⁣

One of these reactions helps you grow and reach further than your current limitations / situation.⁣

The other reaction keeps you small and exactly where you are and have always been.⁣

I bet you can guess which response leads to which result. :-)⁣

(At least, I hope you do!)⁣

Explore and see if you can make an inner shift.⁣

It’s a relatively small shift.⁣

All it takes is awareness and a decision: how do you choose to respond from now on?⁣

(And then, of course, pay attention to how you actually respond the moment you get across someone who has something you desire but you haven’t achieved yet…)






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