You don’t have to figure out how to get more clients.

You don’t have to figure out how to grow your business.

You don’t have to figure out how to make more money or where your next 1000 or 10.000 or 100.000 Euros will come from.

You don’t have to figure ANYTHING out.

You don’t have to know ANYTHING more than you do in this moment.

You don’t need ANYTHING else than you have right now to take your next step.

And you don’t need to be ANYTHING other than exactly who you already are.

All you have to do is allow your soul to guide you, to follow her lead, to act on your intuition and to let things unfold for you.


I recently talked about letting your soul guide you and trusting your intuition with one of my private clients.

I asked her: when you work with one of your own clients, do you prepare for your session by creating a strict schedule for your session? Do you plan and decide exactly what you will say, what you will do, how you will do it, when you will do it, which tools you will use and what questions you will ask?

No. You don’t. The BEST way to serve your client is to be present in each moment. To BE completely immersed in each moment, to BE completely open to what wants to come through, to BE completely present so in each moment you KNOW exactly what to do, what to say, which tool to use or which question to ask.

THAT’S how you deliver the MOST value to your clients.

And manifesting ANYTHING, including growing your business, making more money, getting more clients, and having more impact works EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

You don’t have to figure ANYTHING out.

You only have to be present to what already is and be open to receive what’s already on its way to you.

I know a part of you knows this.

You already experienced many times how things magically work out when you stop trying to control, push or force anything to happen, and let things unfold.

You already experienced how following your deep down knowing always pays off, and how ignoring your truth and inner wisdom never brings you what you want.

You already experienced that answers and solutions come to you when you stop trying to think your way to them.

You already KNOW.

Yet when it comes to growing your business this inner knowing quickly flies out the window.

Your rational, often fear-based mind takes over and suddenly you think that YOU need to figure everything out in advance, or you’ll never get what you want.

You’re afraid of ‘just winging it’ and not getting what you want because you don’t think things through.

You’re afraid to miss out on your dreams when you don’t make a plan and follow it through.

You’re afraid you won’t make enough money if you don’t set an income goal and make a plan on HOW you can make that money next year.


You. Don’t. Have. To. Figure. Anything. Out.

So how do you do business then?

What do you DO?

Can you really trust yourself, your inner knowing, your SOUL?

The answer is that you can.

And you learn the mindset, the state of beingness, and what this practically comes down to on a daily basis in my upcoming workshop Prepare for an amazing 2021 – WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals or ‘doing the numbers’

This workshop is for you if you’re done with the old-school, old-world ways of growing your business (these ways don’t feel right and/or don’t work for you anymore.)

This is for you when you want to grow your business in YOUR own way, without changing who you are or doing things you hate.

But you’re not sure what doing it your own way, guided by soul, looks like on a practical level.

You can still set goals and make plans if and when it feels inspired and is guided by soul.

In that case, it will feel good and it will work for you.

But you no longer have to do ANYTHING that feels forced, cramped, uninspired and like a ‘should’.

You can read all about and sign up for this 2-hour workshop for only 47 Euros here. 

Plus you get this amazing bonus:

A powerful audio healing ‘Release 2020 & Open Up to an Amazing 2021’.

This audio healing helps you release the turbulent energies & experiences of 2020 and energetically makes space for an amazing 2021 to come through for you.

All you have to do is relax and listen, and this healing automatically clears out the old and makes space for the new!

Get this amazing bonus & the workshop (live and/or the replay) here.

‘See’ you there?





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