I remember the very last time I made a business plan: December 2015.

I set goals, looked at my desired income, calculated how many clients/sales I needed and came up with a plan to reach those numbers.

It looked good on paper. 

Yet it made me feel like crap.

My coach and I looked at every detail of my plan to see what felt off for me.

Turned out I didn’t feel good about launching, so we did some mindset work on that.


… we DIDN’T look at the MOST important thing – which 99,99% of all business coaches do NOT look at:

If maybe the thing that drained me…….was having a plan to begin with!

Most business coaches don’t EVER look at that, because they preach you need some sort of plan if you want to grow your business.

You can’t just wing it! 

And if your plan doesn’t feel right?

You keep tweaking it until it does.

I tried to make plans work for me for YEARS.

I made super detailed plans. Never stuck to them.

I made plans with lots of space for flow and intuition. Never stuck to those either.

The ONLY reason I continued to make plans was because I believed my business coaches knew better.

They made more money than me, so clearly, they knew more about growing your business,

If they said you need a business plan, I made a business plan. 

After all, I hired them because they knew more about business, so why not take the advice I paid them for?

I also still bought into the old-world, old-school beliefs about getting results.

Thinking that your results are determined by your actions. (They’re not.)

Thinking that you need to figure out how to get the results you want. (You don’t.)

Thinking that if you want to achieve or receive more, you need to do more. (You don’t.)

But in April 2016 I finally realized making year plans is NOT for me, and I ditched them forever.

Since then, I grow my business WITHOUT a plan.

That’s what feels good, natural and right for me.

That’s what works for me.

If you’re struggling with any aspect of a business plan (making it / feeling good about it / sticking to it / getting the results you want), take a step back and ask yourself:

Does it light me up to make a plan?

Does it suit me for 100%?

Or do I only make one because 99,99% of all business coaches teach that you need some kind of plan?

And I started to believe I need to make one if I take myself and my business serious?

If making business plans and implementing them delights you, keep doing that.

No need to change what works.  

But if it doesn’t?

Stop trying to make a plan work for you.

Stop trying to make a plan that feels good enough.

Stop feeling guilty about not making a plan or not implementing the plan you made. 

And just stop making plans.

No matter what you do and how hard you try you will NEVER end up with a plan that feels great AND works amazingly well for you.

Not because there’s something wrong with you or you’re somehow incapable of making (or sticking to) a plan.

But because plans just don’t work for you.

And because you TRULY don’t need a business plan to grow your business! 

Set yourself free, take off the pressure, and allow yourself to NOT make a business plan for 2021.

You don’t even have to set goals if you don’t want to!

If you wonder HOW you can grow your business without a solid plan or strategy, come join me in my upcoming workshop:

Prepare for an amazing 2021 – WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals or ‘doing the numbers’! 

You DON’T NEED marketing plans or business plans and you CAN grow your business without them!

I show you exactly how that works in this workshop.

(And if you like to make a plan here and there you can still do that, of course!

This is all about what works 100% for YOU!)

It happens live on Friday, December 18.

A replay is available afterwards if you can’t join me live.

And your investment for this amazing 2-hour workshop and super cool bonus, a healing audio to release 2020 and open up to a magical 2021, is only 47 Euros! (about 56 USD)

You can read all about & sign up for it here.

There’s REALLY no need to force yourself into any business mold and follow rules and shoulds that don’t feel 100% right for you.

Come join me and find out how to grow your business YOUR way – with or without plans or goals!



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