When I look at the times when I soar the most, there’s one ingredient that’s always present.

When I look at the amazing results my clients had over the past two decades, that same ingredient is always present.

That ingredient or key is this:

To be even more true to YOU in everything you do.

What does that mean and what does it look like?

It means you achieve and receive more by letting go of everything that’s not a 100% perfect match with you.

It looks like letting go of clients that aren’t your 100% your favorite humans to work with.

It means to let go of marketing strategies that don’t suit you.

It means to ditch rules that don’t feel good; to set boundaries where needed; to say no to what you no longer want and yes to what you do want.

It means to quit selling things you’re not 100% happy with and to create a schedule that’s completely ideal for you.

It means to do EVERY LITTLE THING in your business in ways that are a 100% perfect match with you.

It means to go for your TRUE dreams and no longer pussyfoot around them.

It means to be MORE you and NOT water yourself or your desires down.

Many ways of growing your business demand you to be less you.

To settle for less than what you truly want, to follow cookie cutter recipes and rules made by god knows who for god knows what reason.

You’re told it’s normal to compromise or sacrifice here and there. You can’t have it all and can’t get something for nothing!

But the more you drift away from your true self, the unhappier you feel.

You can create material success by working your ass off and ignoring your soul and your needs, but will it make you happy?

Will it bring you freedom? Will you enjoy it and make you feel fulfilled?


If you truly want to SOAR, feel happy and free and get better result, too, you need to be truer to yourself in everything you do.

No matter how true you already are to yourself, there are always more layers to shed, more beliefs to let go of, more inner limits to transcend.

With every layer you shed you become lighter, freer and happier; your business becomes more fun and your results improve on all levels!


⭐️If you allowed yourself to do EVERYTHING in your own way and create your business in ANY WAY you like, what would you change?

⭐️What would you start doing?

⭐️What would you ditch?

⭐️Where are you doing things because you think you need or have to do them this way?

⭐️How would you do them if you gave yourself permission to do everything COMPLETELY YOUR WAY?

Act on the answers you get.

You can take it step by step.  As long as you DO it. For this is THE key to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

This is how I built a business and life I’m in love with.

This is how my clients have made their dreams real.

And this is how you can soar and create a business and life you love, too!

To being even more YOU,



P.S. 1: Are you ready to SOAR, Brigitte?

Do you want to finally GO for your true dream and create a business & life you LOVE?

If you want to end 2020 on a high note and set yourself up to SOAR in 2021, I have a wonderful opportunity for you!

I’ve opened up a handful of Free Soar Sessions with me in December.

During this call:

#1 You get clarity on which obstacle is currently in your way;

#2 You get clarity on how you can break through to your next level in your business, and

#3 I’ll tell you what your next best actions are to realize your most important dream / goal.

If I feel that I might be of service to you, I’ll let you know at the end how I might support you.

No strings, no costs!

Whether you’re interested in hearing about working with me or not, and whether we end up working together or not, you’ll leave this call with clarity on what it is you TRULY want and what you need to do or focus on to make your dream real.

You can apply for a Free Soar Session here.

I respond to your application within 2 business days.


P.S. 2: New workshop coming up:

Prepare for an amazing 2021 – WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals or ‘doing the numbers’! 

This is for you if making business plans and deciding upfront what you’ll be doing all year is not your thing.

You DON’T NEED marketing plans or business plans and you CAN grow your business without them!

I show you exactly how that works in this workshop.

(And if you like to make a plan here and there you can still do that, of course!

This is all about what works 100% for YOU!)

You can read all about & sign up for it here.



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