It’s that time of year again when business coaches all around the planet are urging you to start making your plan for next year.⁣

If you’re serious about your business and the goals you want to achieve, you need to set goals. ⁣

And then, of course, make a plan that details how you will reach those goals.⁣

Because if you don’t do that you’ll never make it.⁣

You’ll end up doing nothing or just winging it and that, my friend, does not bring you the results you crave!⁣

All of this is fine when you feel good about making plans, it excites you, and you’re a pro at sticking to them.⁣

But if you’re like me?⁣

This approach does not work AT ALL!⁣

And if you know how manifesting truly works? You don’t need this approach. ⁣

Unless, again, you’re someone who naturally thrives on making plans and strategize the crap out of everything.⁣

The key is this: what you naturally thrive on.⁣

Making plans is great for you when you:⁣

* LOVE making them;⁣

* Stick to them with ease;⁣

* Implementing your plan makes you happy, feel free, you enjoy it AND it brings you the results you desire.⁣

Making plans is NOT great for you when you don’t say HELL YES! to all of the above.⁣

But you can’t just skip making plans, can you?⁣

How the hell can you get results and grow your business when you don’t?⁣

You can’t just wing it now, can you?⁣

Let me tell you this.⁣

You DON’T need a plan.⁣

You DON’T need to set goals. ⁣

You CAN grow your business without doing any of that.⁣

And I’ll show you exactly HOW that works and WHAT you can do instead in my upcoming workshop:⁣

Prepare for an amazing 2020 – WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals or ‘doing the numbers’! ⁣

It happens on Friday, December 18.⁣

I teach you all about growing your business from the heart, driven by soul, guided by intuition, riding the waves of your own flow.⁣

A replay is available afterwards if you can’t be there live.⁣

And you can join at the no-brainer-low-investment of 47 Euros. (Approximately 55 USD)⁣

Doors open some time next week.⁣

Come join me if business plans and marketing plans are not your cup of tea. ;-)⁣



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