Years ago, when I was still single, someone asked me what I was looking for in a man.

I knew exactly what that was and shared my list of demands with her. She was stunned and didn’t know what to say. After a couple of seconds she asked if  maybe I was asking too much and it’d be better to lower the bar?

Ha! Hell no. I knew what it was like to be in a relationship that sucked, and I knew what it was like to be single. Being single felt MUCH better. I was ONLY willing to give up being on my own for the greatest guy in the world. (Whom I found and am still very happy with almost 20 years later.)

When I started my business in 2003, I had a VERY clear picture of what my ideal workweek looked like.

I imagined being at home, doing my own thing, talking with a client every now and then and that was it. But I didn’t know what doing my own thing looked like exactly and I also found it hard to grow my business while only working with a VERY limited number of 1-1 clients.

I struggled with that for a couple of years.

At the end of 2012 I’d successfully made a major change in my business (from working with women in a job, in Dutch, in The Netherlands, to working with women entrepreneurs, globally, in English.)  I basically built a new business in a year and successfully so.

The only thing that was missing, was more alone time.

When I looked at my dream for my business it was still the same:

I wanted to make a MAXIMUM of 4 appointments per week, and preferably less. (This included EVERYTHING, from 1-1 coaching to group calls to a call with my bookkeeper.) I also wanted to continue to grow my business and reach more people with my work.

I still wasn’t sure how I could do this or if it was possible at all.

And I felt weird about being a coach who isn’t too crazy about people (correction: who can’t stand people) when she has too much interaction and too little alone time.

But instead of watering down my desire because I didn’t know if I could make this dream real, I DECIDED that I would.

I didn’t know if it would work out. I only knew that I was DONE settling and I said YES! to my dream.

I wiped my calendar clean in 2013 and committed to my new schedule religiously. I NEVER made more than 4 appointments per week, and even ADDED more free time in 2017.

Now, every fourth week is my hermit-week: my completely appointment free week. I only make a MAXIMUM of 4 appointments for 3 weeks per month.

I know how easy it can be to water down your dream because you don’t think it’s possible to realize it.

I also know that settling for something less than you TRULY want will NEVER make you happy. Your true dream will always itch, whisper and sometimes SHOUT for your attention.

Your true dreams never leave you alone, because these are the dreams your soul has for you. These are the experiences your soul chose to have in this lifetime. And until you honor those dreams and say YES! to them, it will always feel like something’s missing.

You don’t have to know how you can realize your dream.

All you have to do is say YES! to it. Your soul will show your next step and bring you the support, inspiration and answers you need.

Are you settling for less than what you REALLY want?

Stop it. Aim higher.

Your soul and the universe are ready to support you!

Our problem is not that we aim too high and miss, but that we aim too low and hit.”





Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Do you want to finally GO for your true dream for your business (or want to find out what that even is!)?

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If I feel that I might be of service to you, I’ll let you know at the end how I might support you.

No strings, no costs!

Whether you’re interested in hearing about working with me or not, and whether we end up working together or not, you’ll leave this call with clarity on what it is you TRULY want and what you need to do or focus on to make your dream real.

You can apply for a Free Soar Session here.

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