Years ago someone I knew had a Big Dream.

She was very careful who she told about it because she didn’t want anyone to mess up her dream. She was convinced other people’s negativity could have that effect. “It can’t,” I told her. “The only one who can mess up your dream is you.” She didn’t like that and didn’t believe me.

She also never manifested her dream. I don’t know why not, but one thing is certain: it had nothing to do with other people’s opinions.

I’ve coached countless people and helped them find their true dreams and make them real.

Sometimes my clients think others can mess up their dreams, too. They’re afraid someone near them will disapprove or misunderstand their dream, and their lack of support can block the realization of it.

I always tell them this is IMPOSSIBLE. Others have no influence on your manifesting capabilities. Others create their reality, you create yours. It’s never another’s disbelief that screws up your manifestation—only your own doubts, fears and disbelief can do that.

When you feel strong, clear, committed to and certain about what you want, it doesn’t matter if others doubt your abilities or what’s possible for you. It doesn’t affect you and their thoughts can’t impact your feelings or results.

When you have doubts yourself, however, about your dream, your possibilities or capabilities, another’s disbelief resonates with your own lack of trust. It’s your own disbelief that disrupts your manifestation process. Others can’t manifest your life for you or determine your results. Only you can. You can’t manifest other people’s lives or determine their results. Only they can.

If you feel uncertain about your dreams and doubt if you’re able to realize them it’s a good idea to be mindful who you share your dream with. As long as you realize the ONLY reason for that is to give yourself space to grow strong enough to make your dreams real.

It’s not what others tell you that impacts your results, it’s what you think and believe about what they tell you. Others can’t put fears or doubts in your mind. They can only say things that resonate with what you already doubt or believe. You need to deal with your fears and doubts at some point if you want to make your truest dreams real. Not sharing your dream with unsupporting people can help, but it’s not enough. As long as you don’t deal with your fears they’ll continue to undermine you.

No one can mess up your dream for you. That’s good news!! It means that you can create what you love even when others don’t believe you can. It means that there are always opportunities for you, even when others think there aren’t.

Dare to believe in yourself and your dreams. Your true dreams come straight from your soul. You’re meant and born to experience and manifest them. It still takes courage to go for them—but you have access to everything you need to make them real.




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