When you want to reach your goal quicker or bring your goal closer to you faster, here’s what most people do:

They think about more things they can do.

Which sounds logical.

If you want more or if you want something to go faster, you need to DO more.


But that’s not how manifesting works.

Yes, you need to take actions, but that’s only part of the equation.

It’s not your actions that determine your results, but your energy. Your frequency. Your vibration.

If you want different results, you need to shift something on the inside first so your outer world can change next.  

So no, if you want to reach your dreams faster, you DON’T need to DO more.

You need to shift your state of being. And you can do that by shifting how you think and feel  about your dream.

Start to feel as if you already have it.

Start to act as if you already have it.

You may not have achieved your actual dream yet, but you know how it feels to have it.

(If you don’t? Start there.)

Feel that feeling now.

Be the one who already has what you desire now.

Take the actions you would take if you already had the thing you wanted.

That’s what changes your frequency. And that’s what changes—and speeds up—your results.



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