On Mondays and Tuesdays, my workout is always a HIIT training. (High interval intensity training.)

I enjoyed doing it yesterday, but this morning, everything inside me said NO.

My body wanted to slow down and soften.

So I did a yin yoga class instead.

I could feel how I needed it. I’ve been sitting behind my desk a lot.

I’m also working on multiple book projects at the same time, which I LOVE, but I’m also still getting used to working on so many creative projects at the same time.

This caused my body to tense up.

HIIT or strength trainings don’t change that. It keeps my body moving and it’s good for me, but sometimes, I need something different.

Like the yin yoga I did this morning.

The essence of yin yoga is to find the edge of a pose, hold the pose for a couple of minutes, breath into the discomfort, and let your body soften and sink into the pose by itself without pushing or forcing or actively stretching it.

This is the EXACT recipe for going through change, growth and transformation.
Find your edge. Gently stay there. Breathe to it and through it. Until you feel yourself soften and sink into it.

(And then, you can find your next edge and soften into that.)

This time is a time of change for EVERYONE.

The whole world is changing and for god knows how long, not as we know it.

This causes a lot of people to tense up.

Fears rise, your body and mind get tense and closed off, you may freeze, or want to fight or flight…

One thing is certain: forcing or pushing yourself through it is NOT helpful.

It only causes more tension and stress.

Whether you’re going through a personal transformation and/or are affected by the transformation the world is going through:

See if you can soften in it.

Slow down, and breathe into all your tension, into all your fears, into all your insecurities, doubts, and pains.

Stay with it.

Feel yourself soften and open up after a couple of minutes.

Notice the difference throughout the day.

Rinse and repeat as often as needed.






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