I recently read a quote from Eckhart Tolle that deeply resonated with me.

It went something like this:

The old is dying and on its way out, it just makes a lot of noise doing so.

Whether you agree that the old is on its way out or not, I think we can all agree that whatever is happening in the world is pretty crazy.

We live in interesting and new times for sure!

I have opinions about that. I have opinions about what’s happening in the world and in my country. Strong opinions, often.

And I see others write beautiful, well-thought out articles and blogs about their opinions about the state of the world.

Sometimes I feel a pull to write about my own strong opinions, too.

I want to take a stand, share my view, and let everyone know what I think about politics or Covid-19 or lockdowns or mouth masks!


That never feels TRULY inspired.

And I know exactly why that is:

Because it’s NOT MY JOB to write articles about politics, or what I think about topic X, Y or Z.

That’s not what I’m here to do and contribute to.

THIS is what I’m here to do and contribute to—and it’s the core of ALL my writing, coaching and work in this world:

To help people reconnect with themselves, their soul, their truth. To inspire them to be true to who they are and do what they’re born to do.

Regardless of what others think of it. Regardless of what they think of it themselves.

To help them overcome the barriers, fears and obstacles that stand in the way of being all that they are. And to enjoy the crap out of life as much as they can. 🙂

So no. I’m not writing about politics or elections or Covid-19 or anything else that goes on in this world.

I write about what I deeply believe to be true underneath the chaos in the world:

We, as humans, are in a time of transition. A deep transformation is taking place. It can feel confusing and scary, but it’s a good thing!

We cannot continue to be, think and act like we’ve been doing for so long. It leads to war, greed, a mutilated and abused planet, mutilated, abused and oppressed people, unhappiness, burn out, depression, feeling lost and hopeless, feeling a lack of meaning and purpose, etc. etc.

We’re killing ourselves, each other and the planet we live on, literally and figuratively speaking.

That’s a dead end.

It HAS to change.

And I’m born to contribute to that change by being who I am and doing what I’m called to do.

You are here to make a contribution, whatever that is, in your own way, too.

You may be here to bring more beauty into the world, to help people listen to their body and eat healthy foods, to promote sustainable energy, to discover a new way of baking apple pie or to change the way businesses treat their employees.

I don’t know what you’re here to change or who you’re born to be, but I DO know one thing:

Who you are born to be is EXACTLY who you are MEANT to be.

What you are born to do is EXACTLY what you are meant to do.

This time of intense transition is THE time to be all that you are and do what you’re born to do.

And how you do that is ALSO how to stay sane in this crazy world:

#1 Go within.

Inform yourself, be part of this world, of course, but don’t let yourself get distracted by whatever goes on around you. And don’t let that dictate your actions, either!

Let your own inner wisdom, your own truth, your own deep-down knowing dictate what to do and when and how to do it.

Don’t let others define who you should be but be true to who you already are.

And the way to know what to do and be true to you is to GO WITHIN FIRST. To listen to and act on your intuition and deepest joy.

#2 Do what you’re born to do.

Whether you’re crystal clear on this or think you have NO clue at all: there’s always SOMETHING that calls you now.

For me, right now, it’s writing this article. After that, it’s working on my books.

I don’t know what it is for you, but I know the place where you can find it:


That’s not just where you find what’s yours to do.

It’s ALSO where you find your inner calm, a layer of ever-present peace that’s part of you always.

And where you find the glimpses of connection to who and what you TRULY are:

a magnificent being of light in physical form.

What’s calling you?

Do that.

It’s time.

And you’re ready.



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