One of the reasons many people want to write a book but never do, is this:

They look at the books that are already written and think, what could I possibly add to that?! Everything has already been said!

I know how disheartening this can feel.

I felt like that before I wrote my first book in 2008.

A business coach told me I needed to do market research first.

Figure out what sets your book apart from other books on the same topic, she said. What makes your book different? Why would people want to read your book instead of another?

I started my research and quickly regretted it.

There were more books written on my topic than I knew about. And one book seemed even better than the next one!

Pretty soon, I had no idea what made my book different. On the contrary…I felt there was no place for my book.

Everything had already been said. There was nothing original about my book. Why bother?

But then….I re-read Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’.

I’d read it for the first time in 2001. I resonated with every word. But I did NOT understand 99% of what I read. 

Which made reading the book both an amazing AND a frustrating experience.

I knew what I read was meaningful and profound. But because I didn’t understand it, I had NO clue how to IMPLEMENT any of it in my own life.


Thankfully the market of books about mindfulness EXPLODED after the success of ‘The Power of Now.’

One book after the other appeared, and I devoured many of them. Some I liked, some I didn’t. Some spoke to me, some didn’t.

But I was so fascinated with the topic that I kept on reading. I wanted, needed, to know more.

I can’t remember how many books about mindfulness I read, but I know what happened when I re-read ‘The Power of Now’ in 2008:

I suddenly understood EVERY WORD.

I knew what he was talking about, and more importantly, I now also knew how to implement this wisdom!

This would NEVER have happened if those other writers decided to NOT write their book ‘because there are already so many books about mindfulness’.

Without those other books, I’d never have understood Tolle’s book. I’d never have known how to be present. I’d never have made significant changes in my life if it wasn’t for those other books I read.

This made me aware of something I already rationally understood, but now deeply felt to be true:

It’s important that there are MANY books about the same topic. Because not every book speaks to every person. Every writer brings her own flavor, tone of voice, and perspective.

Someone can learn something from your book they haven’t learned before. Your way of writing can bring someone an insight they didn’t get from any other book they read.

No matter how saturated the market for ANY kind of book seems to be, there’s ALWAYS space for YOUR book, too.

What you say may have been said by thousands of others.

But it hasn’t been said by YOU.

Your voice is still missing.

And there is plenty of space for your book.

Start writing, baby.

Because when you’re inspired to write a book?

This means that there are already people out there who want to read it.

That’s just how life works:

Your desire, your creation,  is the answer to another person’s question.

The universe is smart like that 🙂

To your book!



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